Animal Kingdom season 5 finale: The state of all the Cody Boys

Animal KingdomAs we prepare ourselves for the Animal Kingdom season 5 finale coming to TNT this weekend, we have to worry about the Cody Boys. It’s almost impossible not to be! Some of them are in danger and the ones who aren’t could be before the finale wraps up. Just remember for a moment that they are about to undergo the biggest heist to date!

Within this piece, we want to gauge the threat levels for J, Deran, Craig, and Pope — namely, just how much danger that each one of them is in by the time the finale reaches the end.

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Craig – Out of everyone on the show at the moment, Craig’s biggest enemy is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, himself. This is a guy who has slipped into addiction to get through all of the pain he’s going through, and we’re worried that he’ll spiral out of control in the midst of the most dangerous heist we’ve seen yet.

Deran – With everything that has happened in between the DEA, Chadwick, and his bar this season, we’re worried that something else will happen when it comes to Adrian. Will the other agents show back up and threaten to arrest him? Or, what happens if someone actually finds Adrian on the other side of the world?

– It’s ironic that he’s one of the most dangerous Codys and yet, he may be the safest entering the finale. Sure, the promo looks like he may get a little roughed-up from what we’ve seen in the finale promo, but he doesn’t have the same stuff hanging over him as some of the other characters.

Pope – Finally, Pope’s biggest issue is if he tries too hard to be an enforcer that it comes back to bite him. Or, what happens if that guy he left in the desert shows back up? He does act with his heart sometimes and because of that, it makes him all the more prone to mistakes.

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Who are you the most worried about entering the Animal Kingdom season 5 finale?

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