NCIS season 19 episode 3 sneak peek: Gibbs and Parker clash

NCISNCIS season 19 episode 3 is here in just over 48 hours and, rest assured, there’s a lot of conflict ahead. In particular, we’re talking about the state of things with Jethro Gibbs and Alden Parker.

If you recall, at the end of this past episode Gibbs took a big risk in shooting serial killer Paul Lemere. He recognized that taking him out could be no more answers on Navis Ventures, the company that supposedly was paying him. However, Paul had a knife to Kasie’s throat! He wasn’t about to risk losing someone he cared about deeply for any reason. (Paul is not dead, so there is still a chance for answers.)

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Obviously, Gibbs’ actions still give Parker pause. In the first of the three sneak peeks below, you can see Gary Cole’s character remind Gibbs that they had a trained hostage negotiator in the room in Jessica Knight who could have talked Lemere down; let’s just say that Gibbs isn’t all that moved by that argument. He still has no issue doing what he did, even if technically, he wasn’t even a formal NCIS agent when he did it. (He’s still not.)

To make matters all the more complicated for Mark Harmon’s character within this episode, he’s also going to be tasked with going with Lemere to the site of one of his killings, one that the team was not aware of beforehand. Gibbs isn’t crazy about the idea (understandably!), but we know he’ll do whatever he can to get justice.

The final sneak peek peek below is centered around McGee, Knight, and Torres as the three continue to dig into the company behind the contract killings. There is no immediate connection among the victims, so they better find that and soon. Otherwise, they run the risk of nothing ever materializing here insofar as answers go.

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