ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 spoilers: Watch the brutal interrogation scene (video)

ScandalDo you want to see one of the more brutal scenes that we’ve witnessed on network TV over the years? If so, we’re pretty sure that this new clip from next week’s “Scandal” season 2 winter premiere is going to be right up your alley. In the wake of the “Zero Dark Thirty” controversy, there has been all sorts of chatter these days about the use of advanced interrogation techniques and just how often they have been used on suspected terrorists over the years.

Well, on the next episode of the Shonda Rhimes drama the politicians involved are simply going to act as though these techniques are really no big deal at all. So who is set to be the biggest victim here as a result? The answer is none other than Guillermo Diaz’s Huck, who was arrested during the fall finale of a crime that he did not even commit.

The scenes that you can see in the video below (which comes to us via Entertainment Weekly) are very graphic for the sort of show that this is, and they do also fill one major role in the story in that they show us just how determined Huck is to keep his lips sealed and protecting someone that he really has no business loving at this point. If there is salvation for him coming, it’s not going to happen as a result of waterboarding; instead, he better hope that Olivia Pope can help to find him a way out of this, even if it comes at the expense of a man who she has been romantically tied to over the years in Fitz.

What do you think about this scene, and do you think showing it in such a way either helps or hurts “Scandal” as a whole? We want to hear from you below! Do you want to read more about the fight that is coming up on “Scandal” within the President’s office? If so, all you have to do is navigate your mouse over to the link here and enjoy.

Photo: ABC

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