‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: The Governor cometh

The Walking DeadWe all know that the Governor is a bad guy, but just how bad of a guy is he? Well if you’re a long time reader of “The Walking Dead” comic then you know just how vile he really is, but fans of the books have wondered just how far the show is going to go with the Governor and if AMC will tone him down for television.

Executive producer Robert Kirkman has promised fans that they plan to keep the Governor’s nasty side as bad as ever and that they won’t really been toning him down too much.  Now that his daughter Penny has been killed by Michonne, the last bit of his humanity died with her and Kirkman tells TVLine that as bad as the Governor has been, we really haven’t seen anything yet.  He said:

“We haven’t seen him activated to the extent that he’s going to be activated in the back half of the season. He’s going to be much more engaged and a little bit more aware of the threat that the prison represents. He’s going to be on the warpath.”

With the Governor being on a warpath with Rick as his target, fans are worried that Rick might not be able to defend against the Governor and his army of 70, especially since Rick has had an epic nervous breakdown after the death of Lori. Just how far off the deep end has Rick gone?  Well not only has he been getting “phone calls” from the dead, but he’s started seeing ghosts as well in Shane.  Kirkman said:

“He’s a person who’s bearing the weight of everyone’s survival on his shoulders, and I think that’s become a little bit unbearable. He’s certainly spiraling out of control. And now he’s starting to see [dead people]. It’s definitely a real problem.”

“The Walking Dead” season 3 doesn’t return until February, but until then we will continue to bring spoilers and news about the show to tide everyone over, so keep checking back.

Photo: AMC

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