Survivor 41 episode 2: Where does the Luvu tribe stand now?

Danny McCraySurvivor 41 episode 2 is airing in under 24 hours! We’re excited to get to know these players better, especially on the Luvu Tribe.

In the end, think about it this way: We really don’t know any of these players all that well at the moment! We didn’t see that much of them in the premiere compared to Ua and Yase, so we’re going to have to be patient. We could even be forced to wait a long time given how stacked this tribe is! There’s a good chance that they couldn’t go to Tribal for weeks on end.

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Below, we’re ranking all the six members of the Luvu tribe based on gameplay, strategy, screen time, and projecting forward to upcoming challenges.

6. Naseer Muttali – At the start of the premiere it seemed like Naseer had some of his tribe-mates on his side. However, he spoke up a little too soon about Danny and Deshawn looking for the idol and in the end, this came back to bite him.

5. Heather Aldret – It’s a crummy reason to get rid of her, but she is the oldest person on the tribe! We’ve seen enough of the show over the years to know this makes you an easy target; however, we’re also aware that this is a different generation of the game and you do tend to go after big targets early.

4. Deshawn Radden – Danny had a chance to redeem himself after immunity idol-gate courtesy of the Beware Advantage choice. Deshawn, meanwhile, hasn’t had that chance yet. We don’t think that he’s going anywhere as of yet, but maybe there’s a risk if an idol gets played.

3. Sydney Segal – She’s got the professional background of someone who would do well in the game and for now, we do think that she is well-positioned. Moving forward, it just has to be about maintaining the relationships around her and pointing the target elsewhere.

2. Danny McCray – We think he bought himself a lot of good will with how he handled that advantage — plus, he and Deshawn technically did finish the Sweat Challenge in the premiere, even if they did look for the idol during part of it. Danny’s such a physical competitor, it also makes no sense to get rid of him.

1. Erika Casupanan – How do we rank someone at the top when we’ve barely seen them on the show? We just liked her a lot preseason and ultimately, it’s hard to judge this tribe when we haven’t seen them actually going to Tribal Council.

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Who is your favorite Survivor 41 contestant from the Luvu Tribe right now?

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