Survivor 41 episode 2: Where things stand on the Ua tribe

Shantel Smith, Survivor 41With the second episode of Survivor 41 poised to come on CBS this Wednesday, let’s take a look now at the Ua tribe! It’s already well-documented that they have our favorite tribe name of the season — also, they may be the most entertaining tribe overall! They’re coming off of a crazy Tribal Council that ensured that there are a lot of gamers in this group.

So who is in the best position out of everyone on the tribe? Within this piece, we’ll give our early estimates based on screen time, edit, and overall gameplay we’ve seen so far…

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5. Brad Reese – Given that the previews seem to show him hunting down an immunity idol, we have to imagine that he is in grave danger. How else should we take this? Him publicly suggesting targets before Tribal was a bad look and we’re not sure he fits in.

4. Ricard Foyé – We’re not sure he’s meshing that well with the rest of the tribe, either, but he could be a stronger force in challenges. The truth is that we know a good bit about Ricard as a person, but we’re still trying to learn about him as a player.

3. Genie Chen – She seems like a hard worker and a down-to-earth, relatable person. We don’t think anyone will want to get rid of her. The big problem will come if she struggles in a challenge, which we have to keep our eyes peeled for.

2. JD Robinson – Midway through the episode we’d have him ranked far lower — it doesn’t seem like everyone trusts him! However, he’s going to be an asset in the short-term thanks to challenges and he does have an extra vote. It feels like they’d be silly to ditch him right now.

1. Shan Smith – She had our favorite edit out of anyone in the premiere, and we have the sense that producers love her and will get a lot out of her all season long. She’s shown some chops already and we don’t see her going anywhere soon.

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Who are you liking the most on the Ua tribe entering Survivor 41?

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