Survivor 41 episode 2: Where does the Yase tribe stand?

Liana Wallace, Survivor 41As we prepare for Survivor 41 episode 2, why not take a look at where things stand on the Yase Tribe? This is one of two tribes that went to Tribal Council, and moving forward, we’re going to have a chance to see if they can bounce back. It will take physical strength, but even more than that a sense of harmony. Communication and effort are typically the two most important things early in the game!

Below, you can take a look at where this tribe stands entering episode 2, at least based on the players’ perceived abilities, but their amount of screen time and tribe standing so far.

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5. Tiffany Seely – She was considered the weakest challenge performer in the bunch and at least for a moment, that made her a target. You do have to consider what will happen if this tribe continues to struggle in this department.

4. David Voce – What’s the logic in taking him out now? Out of the people on Yase, we do think he’s most likely to be labeled as a “schemer.” We’ve already seen he can be a bit snarky in confessionals and this could set the stage for whatever is next.

3. Liana Wallace – Given her athletic ability, it’s hard to envision Liana being booted anytime soon. Yet, we need to see more of her at this point to have an awareness of her overall game. We think she’s going to be useful in challenges and knows the game well enough to adapt.

2. Evvie Jagoda – It was an impressive first week for Evvie, who proved to be influential thanks to convincing the tribe to keep Tiffany over Abraham. Showing this much strategic aptitude early on suggests that you can be a huge player down the road — if you can make it there!

1. Xander Hastings – We worry about his youth, and also that he could be looked at as someone playing too hard. Yet, we love how he was able to sell the tribe on his advantage, and it feels like he’s strong enough physically to be an enormous asset for some time to come. He’s a huge threat in the long-term this season.

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Who are you favoriting the most on the Yase tribe entering Survivor 41 episode 2?

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