Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 12 video: Young Smurf looks ahead

Animal KingdomWe know that Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 12 will prove to be a huge one for the Cody Boys in the present; so what about Young Smurf in the past? Let’s just say that there’s a golden opportunity for her to look towards building up her empire.

Unfortunately, what she’s also going to realize is that those around her are not altogether keen on following her lead.

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In a new sneak peek below via TV Insider, you can see Smurf having a conversation with Jake and Manny all about what some of the next steps could be. There are a lot of different routes the three of them could take, but Smurf’s already thinking about the empire business. Following the death of Max she’s contemplating ways to build a vast network. You see some of the early seeds in here to who Smurf eventually becomes, someone who can mastermind large-scale heists and develop valuable contacts.

Also, in here you see some of the resistance that exists to some of her ideas. All of this is a reminder that in the end, it can be hard to get everyone on board a plan — especially when you’re dealing with stubborn guys who aren’t used to taking orders. Some of the Smurf story is going to come to a head in the finale but, in the end, the big question we’re wondering is whether or not these flashbacks will continue in the sixth and final season. We think that calling them polarizing at this point is a little bit of an understatement.

Want to get a little more insight all about Animal Kingdom now? Then we suggest heading over to this link for a photo preview of what’s next. Once you do that, share more of your thoughts on what lies ahead in the comments. (Photo: TNT.)

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