Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 12 photo: Craig, Frankie chat

Animal KingdomHow important is Frankie going to be moving into Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 12? She could end up being one of the most important characters in the whole story.

After all, consider what transpired on this past episode of the show. Frankie played an essential role in orchestrating one of the biggest heists yet for the Cody Boys, but she also has a personal incentive for lending a helping hand here. She wants out, and it feels like she’ll do what she can to orchestrate an escape. It’s such an interesting contrast to the version of her we saw on the show some time ago; she’s almost a reminder of the chaos that can come with this world. One wrong more or one betrayal, and it can feel like almost the entire world is about to crash around you.

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So what are Craig and Frankie talking about in the photo above? Odds are, it has very little to do with the romantic history she has with him. Instead, they may be going through some elements of the heist plan, or even some of Craig’s behavior as of late. There’s no denying that the guy is struggling based on what we’ve seen as of late. His relationship with Renn is in shambles, he can’t see his kid, and his own actions are effectively tearing away big chunks of his world. We’re not sure that things are about to be any better for him unless he gets some control.

Will that happen Sunday? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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