‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ episode 10: The Monsignor vs Sister Mary Eunice

American Horror StoryOn tonight’s episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum“, Dr. Arden brings Kit back to life and lies to him when he asks if the aliens came, saying that they didn’t, but really he has Grace locked up in a room to study.

The Monsignor lived through his ordeal with Bad Santa and instead of the angel of death giving him a kiss and taking him, she tells him that he needs to deal with Sister Mary Eunice and face the devil.   When the Monsignor thinks he has a chance to try to exorcise the devil, Sister Mary Eunice forces him to have sex with her.  Dr. Arden walks in on them and is destroyed by what he sees.

Later Sister Mary Eunice tries to talk to Dr. Arden, asking him to give the Monsignor a lobotomy, but he tells her no. He decides that the experiments he’s been performing on patients has come to an end and kills them all.

While in the common room Kit and Lana face off with Dr. Thredson.  He tells Lana that she’s safe until she gives birth to his child, and lets them both know that Sister Mary Eunice  has offered him a full time position at the asylum.

Sister Mary Eunice sets up Sister Jude so that she is in a position to receive shock abrasion therapy from Dr. Arden.  After the therapy, Sister Jude doesn’t seem to remember much.  Later the Monsignor sits down with her to apologie for everything he has done and admits that she was right about Sister Mary Eunice.  He confronts Sister Mary Eunice and she offers him everything he’s ever wanted, including being Pope.  The Monsignor ends up throwing Sister Mary Eunice from the top of the staircase and when her body lands at the bottom, the angel of death is waiting to take both her and the demon.

The Monsignor gives Dr. Arden permission to cremate Sister Mary Eunice’s body and when he places her body on the rack to go into the fire and climbs on top of her, burning himself to death in the fire with her body.

Dr. Thredson goes into Dr. Arden’s office looking for him and ends up finding Grace ready to give birth. Dr. Thredson brings Kit to Grace and his baby, asking to make a trade for the recording, saying that he won’t kill them if he gets the tape.  Dr. Thredson goes to get the tape, but Lana has switched the tape out and tell shim that if he does anything to Kit or anyone else she’ll take it to the cops.

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Photo: FX

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