‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 preview: Andrea stands up to the Governor

The Walking DeadWhen the midseason finale of “The Walking Dead” season 3 rolled around in December, there was a pretty clear line drawn in the sand and we knew who was on team Governor and who was team Rick, all except for Andrea who has been a bit of a wild card for most of the season.  Who will she ultimately end up siding with? It could really land on either side of the coin at this point.

Fans have really stood behind Andrea in seasons 1 and 2, but she has been all over the board in season three and flip flopping from one bad decision to the next, giving fans very little to root for.  Although Andrea has started to have her doubts about the Governor and her relationship with him, she has continued to stand by him through much of his weird, strange and nasty choices (at least the ones she knows about).  When the Governor captures Daryl and finds out that Merle lied to him about killing Michonne he decides to pit brother against brother in a battle to the death and has the full support of the people of Woodbury who are out for blood at this point.  In a newly released clip from AMC, we finally see Andrea develop her missing back bone and try to stand up for Daryl (and Merle sort of) begging the Governor to let them go.  He tells her that the people of Woodbury have spoken and that the choice is out of his hands at this point.

What we are hoping to see is Andrea some how find a way to get Daryl and Merle out of this situation and get back to Rick’s camp (although Rick and company will not likely take Merle in after what he did to Glenn).  Another preview has shown Andrea approaching the prison with her hands in the air which leads us to believe one of two things – either that she’s trying to get back with Rick’s group or that she’s a pawn in the Governor’s plan to raid the prison and take what he wants.  Either way Rick and company are likely going to have to find a new place to call home now that the Governor and 70 other people know that they are living there, it’s just not safe anymore.

“The Walking Dead” season 3 won’t be returning to AMC until February, but in the mean time you can check out the new clip below and let us know what role you think Andrea will play for the rest of the season.

Photo: AMC (Source: TVLine)

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