Is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS after events of season 19 premiere?

GibbsIs Mark Harmon leaving NCIS following the events of the season 19 premiere? Is Gibbs about to be gone from the show for good? Rest assured that we heard all of these questions throughout the bulk of the summer. Through most of that time, CBS, the show’s producers, and even the cast have done their best to keep a tight lid on things. They don’t want any coverage to get out on the subject in fear of plans being revealed.

Going into the episode tonight, what we knew was this: Harmon was reportedly going to have a smaller total number of episodes. He was still going to be a part of the overall NCIS story, but in a slightly smaller role.

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The focus of the premiere is on Gibbs in the aftermath of the explosion in the season 18 finale. We know that he’s alive at the start of the episode, but there was no way he would remain that way — there was a serial killer on the loose! He also suffered some wounds that were not going to be quick to heal.

As we got into the episode, the good news was that Gibbs survived the incident in the water, eventually making his way to a house in the middle of nowhere occupied by some people off the grid. There was a rogue guy in a sheriff’s uniform that seemed like he could be the serial killer, but turned out to be a drug trafficker instead.

When it comes to Gibbs’ future, McGee was able to figure out an ominous clue in the meaning of Rule 91: It meant that he was unlikely to come back until he was unable to track down the serial killer. The problem? He could get himself killed along the way. McGee pleaded with him at the end of the episode to work with him and the rest of NCIS; he suggested that he would (yay!), but we wouldn’t call him an official part of the team.

In the end, ALL of this is a good sign that Gibbs isn’t going anywhere.

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