Power Book III: Raising Kanan episode 10 (finale): Is Kanan in big trouble?

Raising KananAs you prepare for Power Book III: Raising Kanan episode 10 this coming weekend, one thing is clear: Kanan’s got problems. BIG problems. This is the season finale and the character has himself in a pickle he won’t be able to get out of altogether soon.

What’s the biggest issue that is here for him? It’s the simple fact that he tried to kill Malcolm Howard and per the promo for the finale, he wasn’t successful. The Detective is at least alive long enough to tell the tale … provided that he wants to.

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We know that Kanan lives until the days of the flagship Power, so at least he doesn’t have to worry all that much about his survival in the short-term. There’s a chance that Howard doesn’t even expose him, given that he still realizes this kid is his only chance at survival via a bone-marrow transplant and he’s got more leverage than ever if he makes it through.

The larger risk that Kanan has is terrible stuff happening to the rest of his family. Remember that Kanan wore Unique’s jacket, which was an obvious setup by Raq in order to pin Howard’s “death” on the other crew in the neighborhood. If someone figures out that this was Kanan who did this, he’s in huge trouble — and they should be able to piece this together. Unique knows he didn’t do this and, more than likely, he’s well aware of who could’ve taken his jacket in the first place. It’s not all that difficult to imagine that he’s going to be able to put two and two together at a certain point.

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