Blue Bloods season 12: Who are Frank Reagan’s biggest rivals?

Blue Bloods season 12

As we prepare for Blue Bloods season 12 to premiere on CBS, it goes without saying that there are Frank Reagan conflicts ahead. The show has figured out a tried-and-true formula here that has worked for more than a decade. At the start of an episode, someone comes to Tom Selleck’s character with a delicate issue. From there, we watch the character do his best to figure out how to resolve it — how he goes about it often depends on who he’s up against!

So who will be some of the character’s metaphorical sparring partners moving into the new season? Below, we’ve got a chance to look into at least a few of them…

Mayor Chase – This one goes without saying, mostly because we know already that the character will be featured in the premiere. The Mayor is stubborn — he’s always going to want things to go his way! It’s going to be up to Frank to figure out compromises here.

Community leaders – Given the mistrust that is out there of the police, it goes without saying that we’ll see something like this in season 12. We’ve seen it time and time again over the years! What Frank has to do is realize that there’s often a reason for the dissension, and he needs to be patient in his approach to getting to a resolution.

The Governor – This is similar to the Mayor in some ways, but even more complicated — while the Mayor has more direct authority in the season, you get into high-profile situations once you officially get the Governor of the state involved!

Attorneys – Let’s face it — there are lawsuits aplenty against the NYPD. We wouldn’t be shocked if at some point this season, we see Frank navigate some really delicate legal waters.

Others within the NYPD – This would actually be our favorite crisis for Frank to handle this season; what if the department starts to crumble around him? Is there going to be a way that he can successfully hold on to his leadership position? We could easily see things getting delicate here.

Remember that Blue Bloods season 12 will premiere on CBS come October 1 — we’ll have more news on it soon!

What do you want to see when it comes to Frank’s story, and his rivals, on Blue Bloods season 12?

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This article was written by Jess Carter.

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