Survivor 41 spotlight: Meet law student Sydney Segal

Sydney Segal, Survivor 41What is Sydney Segal going to bring to Survivor 41Based on her bio, it could be a mixture of athleticism, social awareness, and a drive to win the game. We already can tell that for her, she’s not on the show to necessarily be a star. She wants the prize and is willing to do whatever she can to get it.

In this edition of our ongoing spotlight series, we’re eager to break that down — it’s also exciting to know we’re only a matter of days away from the premiere. This moment has been more than a year in the making!

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What stands out about her – Sydney is a 26-year old law student, originally from Los Angeles but currently residing in Brooklyn. She’s also been a competitive runner in the past, so you know that she’ll be a real asset in challenges fairly early on. You have to be intelligent and driven in her personal line of work, but what fascinates us about her the most is her answer to what past player she is most like: “Natalie White. She was able to assess her place on her tribe and in her alliance, while consciously nursing Russell’s ego. Her social awareness is something I admired.”

Natalie may not be a popular winner of this show, but she was also able to recognize that 1) Russell would always be a bigger target than her and 2) he’d likely lose at the end of the game. She understood the real point of the game was making other people want to vote for you.

What could hold her back? – She says that she “plays to win,” and that could be either a good or bad thing. She’s the sort of player who will make moves, but that could also lead to her being vulnerable. She also has to figure out whether or not being a law student makes her a threat, since there’s always that stigma that it automatically will make her more strategic and capable of making good arguments in the game.

Our personal pre-season assessment

We’re going to be worried about Sydney early just because she could stir up a little trouble for herself; yet, she could also be too much of a challenge asset to lose early. Our feeling is that so long as she can make a few good bonds she’ll make it to at least a tribe swap or the merge. Then, some of the threat alarms could start blaring all over again.

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