NCIS season 19 spoilers: Are first 4 episodes devoted to Gibbs storyline?

GibbsNCIS season 19 is kicking off with a bang — that much is very-much clear. We need to figure out what happened to Gibbs; beyond just that, we also have to hunt down the serial killer apparently responsible for so much chaos. Who are they, and precisely what more are they planning?

While we know that this show is not known for a lot of long-form storytelling, they could be breaking the mold somewhat with what you get through the first four episodes.

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In a new piece over at TV Insider, it is revealed that the question of Gibbs’ status will reverberate through the first four episodes, and that these are largely going to be about one case. Based on what we’ve heard through the first two episodes, that case is likely the serial-killer search. Showrunner Steven D. Binder also makes it clear to the website that Gibbs himself runs the risk of going off the deep end:

“He’s been dangerous; now it’s going to be the subject of all the stories. Gibbs is going to be fully unchained … He was a little rapscallion in his small hometown, straightened out by the military and NCIS. When you take those things away, does he revert? You [get violent] too many times, you end up in jail.”

We know that Gibbs already faced some trouble last season with breaking the rules, and it’s what led to him being away from NCIS and working with Marcie in the first place. We’re curious already to see how all of this unfolds, especially since we could see a lot of crazy subjects emerge. We know there are already theories out there about Marcie; what if Gary Cole’s character of Alden turns out to be the killer? Wouldn’t that be crazy?

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How many episodes do you think should be devoted to this Gibbs storyline?

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