Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Final four Veto preview

Azah AwasumThe final four Veto will be taking place tomorrow within the Big Brother 23 house — so what can you expect to see during it?

On tonight’s new episode, you saw that Head of Household Xavier nominated Azah and Derek F. for eviction. We’ve also heard him say at this point that his true final two in his mind is Big D. With that in mind, we think he’d like to see Kyland go this week if the opportunity arises. Azah is someone who is beatable in competitions, and at this point, Xavier probably realizes his best move is to just win his way to the final seats.

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There have been talks about evicting Kyland from the game already but in a season like this, it’s hard to know exactly where everyone stands. Derek has done enough to make Azah think that there’s a chance he could actually evict her at four, which would be a terrible move. He may not do it (he tried to reassure overnight that she’d be okay), but there are still some seeds there.

Much of everything will become clearer after the Veto Competition tomorrow, but from our vantage point it’s either Azah or Kyland who gets evicted; it’s a turnaround from previously, when we thought there was some logic to getting Derek out at this point. Xavier cleared that up for us to some extent with his Diary Rooms tonight. The Veto will likely be tomorrow in the afternoon/evening, and typically these competitions have some sort of memory component to it. The best houseguests are the ones who spend a LOT of time studying leading up to them; this is a huge comp for shaping the endgame and who you could be sitting next to.

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