ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 spoilers: Political warfare begins

ScandalIf you have been following the excellent second season of “Scandal,” then you know already that there has been quite a bit of tragedy associated with the show already. Not only do we have a President that has spent much of the past episode in the hospital, but we also have a man behind bars for it in Huck who is being accused of a crime that he didn’t even commit.

So what is going to be happening on the show moving forward? Ultimately, the answer at the moment appears to be quite a bit. We already know that there will be interrogations, and we also know now that there is going to be a major political struggle moving forward. According to a new report from TV Guide, we are going to see none other than the First Lady do whatever she can to ensure that Vice-President Sally Livingston does not get to stay in power for a particularly long time.

While this in itself may not be too big of a surprise considering that Livingston is not exactly the most likable person in the world, what may shock you is just to what lengthy Mellie will take in order to ensure that she wrestles power away. Suffice it to say, not all of them are going to be necessarily legal. Until the fate of the President is completely sorted out (which could potentially tie in to his own future safety, as well), we have a feeling that this is a storyline that will continue to play out in some shape or form.

What do you want to see on the show moving forward? If you want to read some more news about a controversial plot that is going to be coming up on “Scandal” moving forward, be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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