‘New Girl’ season 2 promo: Schmidt and Nick make funny noises

New Girl Season 2When “New Girl” returns this month on Fox, we are apparently going to continue to see some of the characters act like crazy people. At the end of the day, we’re not so sure that there is anything else at all that we can really take from the brand-new promo released for the show by Fox. It’s simple, it’s silly, to the point, and it ultimately does accomplish probably everything that Fox was hoping for back when they initially released it.

Basically, it’s easy to sum this up here in a matter of words: there are a number of grunts and groans, and from this we are somehow told to interpret that there is context for all of things happening (as strange as that probably sounds). The show’s potential for comedy  is always high, though we almost wish that the producers had chosen to focus more on jokes than just some of the guys making funny faces … mostly because this to us is not really a hook to bring in new viewers.

Speaking of which, why in the world has this show shed so much of its audience? In our estimation it’s a top 3 comedy on TV, yet it continues to suffer by the other networks’ ridiculous decision to place other similar programming on at the same time. Ask ABC if they’re happy with the performance of “Happy Endings,” and their answer should be obvious. Thankfully, “New Girl” will hopefully benefit for some commercials during “American Idol,” and Fox tends to perform better during the spring.

Do you find this video to be more than a little bit hilarious? If so, you can check out some more highlights from season 2 by visiting the story over here.

Photo: Fox

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