Survivor 41 spotlight: Meet Liana Wallace, 20-year old poet!

Liana Wallace, Survivor 41There are so many things to like about Liana Wallace as a contestant on Survivor 41. First, she wants to play the game like Tony Vlachos. She’s also a spoken-word poet who performed before the late John Lewis. She may only be 20 years old, but in her lifespan she has lived in multiple countries and accumulated a good bit of life experience.

Typically, we’re hesitant to say that super-young contestants have a great chance to win this game … but could Liana genuinely buck that trend?

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What stands out about her – Liana seems to have an acute understanding already of what the game is and how to best play it. It’s true that she wants to play like Tony, but with also the social game of an Elaine. She wants to be able to be underestimated and be sneaky/conniving without anyone knowing about it. Her time living overseas should make it easier on her to interact with a wide array of people, and her overall sense of adventure and excitement for the game should help her deal with the stress and the challenges of living on the island.

Also, we think that Liana’s going to be great in challenges — she loves to dance, and this often equates to having a good sense of balance and focus. That’s especially helpful in the individual portion of the game.

What could hold her back? – There are times when being underestimated could come back to bite you, and Liana does have to make sure that early on, people take her seriously as both an asset to the tribe and a force in challenges. Younger contestants do sometimes have to prove themselves and she’ll have to contend with the idea that some older castaways may be somewhat salty with the idea of a college student being better than them in various aspects of the game.

Our personal pre-season assessment

Liana’s going to be an exciting player as a representative of a new generation of Survivor fans. The show itself is older than she is and yet, she’s bringing this sense of energy and fun to a game that is rebooting itself in a lot of ways this season. We do feel confident that she’ll do very well, at least until we get to the merge. Once people see her skill set, there is a chance that she could be viewed as a significant endgame threat.

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