‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Another episode title to kick off 2013

RumpelstiltskinDo you want to get a better sense at the future of “Once Upon a Time” on TV? Luckily, we’re here now to provide that very opportunity courtesy of another episode title from executive producer Adam Horowitz; and in addition to that, we’re going to give you a rundown of every tittle revealed so far just so you don’t have to spend much time hunting around the site for the rest.

As an early sort of gift prior to 2013, Horowitz revealed on Twitter that the title for the 16th episode of 2013 is going to be none other than “The Miller’s Daughter.” Is this going to be a Rumpelstiltskin-themed episode? We’re counting on it right now, based on the fact that in the original fairy tale, the character first appears for the daughter of a miller after she is locked up in a tower, and creates a bargain with her in return for helping her to spin straw into gold. (For those curious, “The Miller’s Daughter” is also a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson.)

So could this daughter character in fact be the recently-announced Tamara? It is possible, largely due to the fact that we really know nothing about the woman just yet other than that producers were looking for an African-American woman with a British accent.

So here are the episode titles that have been confirmed by Horowitz so far this season:

2×10 (airing on January 6) – “The Cricket Game”

2×11 – “The Outsider” (possibly featuring the arrival of Ethan Embry or Michael Raymond-James)

2×12 – “In the Name of the Brother” (likely a Dr. Whale feature)

2×13 – “Tiny”

2×14 – “Manhattan” (possibly another Emma feature, and another potential starting point for Neal Cassady)

2×15 – “The Queen is Dead” (which you can read more about here)

2×16 – “The Miller’s Daughter”

What episode title is your favorite? We want to hear from you! Also, we have another new promo for the return of “Once Upon a Time” season 2 that you can check out over here.

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