Survivor 41 spotlight: Meet Evvie Jagoda, PhD student and huge fan

Evvie Jagoda - Survivor 41In today’s Survivor 41 spotlight we’re here to put the focus on Evvie Jagoda, someone who could very well be one of the biggest fans out there. They are highly intelligent, well-versed in the game, and ultimately seems to have a great strategy for how to play the game. We like players who know what they want to do entering the game and as long as they’re flexible, there’s a good chance that they can pull it off.

Like with everyone else we’ve discussed so far, Evvie does come into the game with their own defined set of strengths and weaknesses.

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What stands out about them – We’re talking here about someone who is a 28-year old PhD student — in other ways, a determined, super-smart person who is capable of critical thinking on a high level. They’ve got a lot of life experience, they are capable of being empathetic and understanding, and they’re also acutely aware of how to best win the game. The strategy listed off in the bio is a smart one: Attaching themselves to one of the biggest players in the game. That way, they have a hand in a lot of high-level decisions without being the face of the operation. It’s a smart way to have a resume without also being the #1 target.

They also describe themselves as eternally optimistic, which is probably great for some of the moments in the game where the going gets tough.

What could hold them back? – The biggest thing is overcoming preconceived notions. Typically castaways who fall into the “smart” or “nerdy” archetypes (we understand this as a proud member of said archetype) are often thought of as bad at challenges or being in the outdoors. However, Evvie actually enjoys biking, camping, and swimming, so they shouldn’t be a liability in any real aspect of the game; they may just have to work harder to convince others of them.

Our personal pre-season assessment

Evvie is a classic example of a player who will either be gone early or stick around until late in the game. If we were out there, we’d be immediately threatened by them and we mean this as the highest compliment — people who are smart are often far more dangerous than people who are physical. This is someone who if they get to the end of the game is almost a slam-dunk to win and you know they’ll be thinking of that tribal council speech the whole way through.

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