‘Homeland’ season 3: What should the New Year’s resolution be for it, other shows?

Claire DanesCan you really critique a show like “Homeland” when it’s already at the top of it’s game? It really depends at this very moment on who you ask. To some, even season 2 was the best work put out by anyone on television in 2012, so just the idea of making a New Year’s resolution for this show seems a little bit absurd, especially as a companion piece to some of the debate pieces that we have already created.

Nonetheless, we’re going to try and give the show just one simple resolution that it should keep in mind going into the writers’ room early next year: to remember where it came from. “Homeland” is not a show that necessarily needs shock-and-awe moments like Brody getting arrested or Vice-President Walden dying in order to be great; instead, its strength really at the end of the day is in its acting and the chemistry between some of the actors. In case you were wondering why some of the show’s best moments are the interrogation scenes, or the simple conversations between Carrie and Saul at Langley.

As for some other critically-acclaimed shows, here is what they should resolve to do in order to keep their quality high in the new year:

“Dexter” – Continue to build upon your own mythology rather than place shockers in (Deb loving her brother) without any context.

“Game of Thrones” – Go to new places with each of the characters, and remember that they are more than just fantasy creations.

“Mad Men” – Do not be afraid to continue down the current path, even if some critics out there hate Megan and want her gone immediately.

“Breaking Bad” – Realize already that some people will hate the ending, and therefore just create the ending that feels right.

“The Walking Dead” – Go back in time and ensure that Glen Mazzara is still in charge of your show.

Do you want to go back and watch the first episode of “Homeland” season 2 for free? If so, Showtime is giving you this very opportunity over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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