Annabelle Zasowski on leaving Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Nicole exit

Raising Kanan - NicoleWe’re a little over a day removed from watching Power Book III: Raising Kanan episode 7, but it’s still a hard one to recover from. After all, it proved to be the final installment for Annabelle Zasowski as Nicole, Jukebox’s love interest and one of the few people who really understood her.

Nicole’s death was tragic for so many reasons. For starters, it was completely avoidable: She took the drugs from Jukebox’s bag, thinking that this would be a way to better handle her mother and the entire façade leading up to the dance. Jukebox, meanwhile, had no way of knowing that this vial was tainted; Kanan got way too far ahead of himself in the cooking process and ended up creating more or less poison. Nicole’s not the only person who died because of his mistakes, but by far she’s the most notable of any of the deaths.

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Given that episode 7 was the last episode for Nicole pending some ghostly appearance or a flashback, isn’t this the right time to hear from Zasowski? In a post on Instagram below you can see the actress reflect on the role and the time she spent around the cast and crew. She did a fantastic job with this part, as her and Hailey Kilgore both did an amazing job of getting us so invested in this relationship. That made it all the more devastating when Nicole’s death actually happened; we knew something bad was probably going to happen eventually, but it was just hard to know how it’d come about.

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