Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 10 spoilers: Desperate times…

Animal KingdomAs we look now towards Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 10 on TNT next week, we’ve got a good sense of how messed-up things are for the Cody Boys. They haven’t had a good job for a while, they have the DEA breathing down their back, and they also were involved in a bar brawl. They also gotta ensure they can keep paying their crooked cop in order to protect their hide.

These are desperate times for some of these guys, especially with Renn now out of the picture for Craig (at least for now). This could call for some desperate measures…

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If you haven’t seen the full Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 10 synopsis, it gives you a small bit of insight into where we’re going from here:

Desperate for cash, and with pressure mounting, the Codys discover what they thought was a solution to their problems may be the biggest threat of them all.

We only have four episodes left this season and when you think about that, it’s fair to imagine that things are about to be really messy and soon. You have to be prepared for something very-much dangerous to happen! For us, our main point of curiosity is whether we will see Pope continue to stay as focused as he is now. He seems to have found a sort of peace for himself after helping out the mother and her kid. Will that be able to last long-term?

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