American Horror Story: Double Feature: A case for more Macaulay Culkin

American Horror Story: Double Feature, MickeyEntering American Horror Story: Double Featurewe were hoping that Macaulay Culkin was going to be great. What we did not expect, however, was for him to steal almost every scene. He’s outstanding as Mickey!

What makes this character so fascinating is simply his humanity: He is the most desperate character of the entire “Red Tide” cast in a lot of ways. For all of his life, this is a guy who has had the door slammed in his face; he was thought of as either not talented enough or judged for his profession or his addiction. He lacked confidence to make his dreams into a reality and the only thing that got him there was the black pill. Even after taking it some insecurity still remains; he is fearful of losing one of the only opportunities he’s ever had! With that, he decides against killing Ursula, no matter how nefarious she may be.

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Culkin is a newcomer to the American Horror Story franchise and after his performance here, we can only hope that he becomes more of a staple in the years to come. While we’ve often criticized Ryan Murphy for casting too many people in some of his shows, he deserves praise for often thinking outside the box. He gives actors opportunities who we haven’t often seen either in a while or in a role similar to what they have on his shows. In his case, he allowed Macaulay to completely transform. We want to see what he can do next!

We know that there are more seasons of American Horror Story coming, and we also hope Murphy sees many of the rave reviews that are out there. So long as Culkin is interested, let’s hope that this is far from the end of the road for him in this world.

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