Dexter: New Blood: Why show EP is not calling it Dexter season 9

Dexter New BloodIt is a natural instinct in a lot of ways to refer to Dexter: New Blood as Dexter season 9. In some ways, it’s really a matter of semantics and what you what to call it depends heavily on just your overall feel for the show. It does star Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, so there is a certain piece of this that will feel natural and organic.

However, aside from him and Jennifer Carpenter (who isn’t exactly playing Deb the same way), this is a largely different show. It’s set in a totally different place, has a number of new characters, and even will feel thematically refreshed at times. This is probably one of the reasons why returning showrunner Clyde Phillips is hesitant to view the show as yet another chapter in Dexter’s story. For more, take a look at what he said in a recent Drama Quarterly interview:

“This is not Dexter season nine … We are acknowledging that 10 years have passed and Dexter is more mature. The storytelling has had to change but with some touchstones, in story, in character, in guest characters and in music, that are there as breadcrumbs for the audience to feel comfortable as we make them more and more uncomfortable watching the new show.”

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Phillips also notes within this interview that Hall was explicitly involved in just about every part of the show, including signing off on the overall theme of fathers and sons that is going to pervade some of these episodes. Dexter’s son Harrison will have an important role to play in New Blood, and we’re still very-much curious of Dexter’s late father Harry will still have some sort of role in his mind. Is it going to be all Deb now, or a combination of the two?

Remember here that Dexter: New Blood is poised to air on Showtime starting on Sunday, November 7.

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