Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Who won Head of Household, week 9?

Big Brother 23Who won the week 9 Head of Household within the Big Brother 23 house today? Just going into it, we knew this one would be fascinating!

For Claire, supposedly she is not allowed to win it as a stipulation of her Coin of Destiny power; she has to throw it, though we’re curious already what happens if she somehow manages to win by accident. Alyssa, therefore, is the only non-Cookout member who could technically win it, so the ball is in her court if there’s any chance at potentially shaking up the game.

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The irony in Alyssa needing to win this competition is that earlier today, Tiffany and Kyland accidentally slipped in front of her that they are a part of a six-person alliance; it’s just not altogether clear if she heard them or not. If she didn’t hear anything, her HoH could be irrelevant unless Claire wins the Veto; that’s how good the Cookout has been all season at brainwashing people within the game.

We know that tonight’s HoH Competition is endurance, so we’ll have updates from it throughout the night. Stay tuned…

Head of Household Updates!

This is an endurance where you have to dangle on ropes while you’re spinning around in the air; we’ve seen this a number of times over the years. The show really didn’t get their money’s worth on Paramount+ subscriptions tonight given that Alyssa fell before the broadcast even ended. Big D went down over the commercial break!

Claire and Azah were the next two down and with that, Claire fulfilled her obligation as the Coin of Destiny holder. Hannah followed soon after and eventually, Kyland and Tiffany were the last two remaining. Feeds went off and on a little but in the end, Tiffany is the HoH again!

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What do you want to see happen within the endurance Head of Household competition on Big Brother 23 tonight?

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