Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Did Alyssa learn about the Cookout?

Alyssa Lopez - Big BrotherWe weren’t expecting to have that much excitement in the Big Brother 23 house this morning and yet, we just got one of our more intriguing moments of the past couple of weeks courtesy of Kyland, Tiffany, and Alyssa. Does she know now about the Cookout? Does it even really matter?

Well, let’s set the stage for a moment. Earlier today, we wrote about Tiffany telling Kyland about some of Sarah Beth’s campaigning — in particular, she said that Kyland better be lucky that he’s one of The Six. Here’s the problem: Alyssa was in the room at the time in which she said it.

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We’ve done our best to analyze this scene and there are a few different things to note. For starters, Alyssa was potentially asleep during the conversation; there wasn’t any evidence that she was awake! Yet, she may have also realized early on that Tiffany and Kyland weren’t aware that she was in there and she just decided to play dead. Tiffany and Kyland weren’t even whispering at the start of the conversation so even if Alyssa was asleep, they might have woken her up. They never said the word “Cookout,” but the idea that there’s a “Six” in the game she is not a part of should be a big wake-up call … if she was really awake.

So what can she do about it? Not much right now given that there’s no way to flip the vote. The numbers aren’t there! Also, everyone in the house would probably deny being in a six-person alliance so she’ll have a hard time knowing who to trust. This should just give her more incentive to win HoH — if, of course, she even managed to hear the comments in question. Tiffany and Kyland screwed up, but will it come back to bite them?

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