Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: The blindside debate

Big Brother 23What’s going on in the Big Brother 23 house today? There is still a debate happening, but it’s not so much about who to evict.

Instead, what we’re looking at here is a major debate over when to tell Sarah Beth that she is being evicted from the game, or even if she should be told at all. Kyland and Hannah have both already discussed it, and of course they feel like it’s better for her to know. Is that good entertainment as a viewer? Hardly, but they recognize jury management and they want to find a way to ensure that they don’t look bad. Also, if they can pin her eviction on Alyssa that can be an asset if there is a Battle Back happening a little later on.

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We do think that there will be some more conversation about this “blindside” a little later in the week, so for now let’s get into final three scenarios. Members of the Cookout are already discussing how to best position themselves. There’s been talk about Kyland being the first person out; meanwhile, we’ve also heard that Hannah would prefer to get Derek F. out before anyone else. Kyland last night discussed with Tiffany the idea of the two of them being in the final three with Hannah, which would be perfect for Tiffany since she’s got final-two deals with both of them. She’s even suggested throwing the final HoH to Hannah so that she doesn’t get any blood on her hands for breaking a deal with Kyland.

Oh, and if it wasn’t looking already like a complete Cookout steamroll, remember that Alyssa wants to nominate Claire and Kyland if she wins Head of Household. (For more Big Brother 23 updates, remember to visit the link here.)

What do you think is going to happen in Big Brother 23 before the eviction?

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