‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 2, episode 5 review: Did Reza and MJ make up?

Shahs of SunsetOn tonight’s episode of the “Shahs of Sunset” Omid takes GG out for dinner and we get a chance to see how their relationship began (Omid and GG are now engaged).  Omid tells GG about Reza’s event saying that everyone was really great to him, but that they were speaking poorly about her.  He says that they feel he was great to be around because GG wasn’t there and GG was thankful she wasn’t there to hear that.

Reza meets up with his mom and he tells her about the fight with MJ.  She tells him that he needs to work things out with MJ and not to lose the friendship.

MJ decides to throw herself a birthday party and suggests that in lieu of gifts that people should bring a single cute man.  She invites Reza regardless of their fight, which was really nice to see because we are all rooting for these two to patch up their friendship.

Reza and Mike get MJ’s birthday invite and because of Reza’s talk with his mother, his heart has been softened and he decides to go to the party.

GG is very upset that everyone has been badmouthing her behind her back and she decides to call MJ to find out what’s going on. MJ tells her that she is not inviting GG to her birthday because of the unresolved issues between GG and Asa and that she doesn’t want any violent situations coming up at the party.  MJ feels that she needs to do this to show Reza and Asa that she is not supporting GG’s erratic behavior. GG tells MJ off and hangs up on her. MJ keeps trying to call GG back, but GG continuously tells her off and hangs up on her over and over.

Lilly has given her boyfriend, of 10 years (on and off) an ultimatum, which is to move to LA by January 1st, or else she’s moving on.  When she calls him to find out if he’s been looking for a place he tells her he hasn’t. The conversation ends without any resolution and Lilly is disappointed.

The day of MJ’s birthday party arrives and she is nervous about meeting all the guys her friends are bringing for her, but she’s more nervous about seeing Reza. When they come face to face they are happy to see each other, but it’s clear nothing has been resolved.  On MJ’s birthday party bus Mike tries to bury the hatchet between Reza and MJ and Reza tells her how much he loves her.  MJ is happy that things have been resolved, but not before taking one last stab at Lilly (who was also not invited to the party).

When the party bus arrives at the lounge, MJ starts chatting up the men at the party and finds that there is one guy there she is really interested in (who looks exactly like Drake). MJ and Drake 2.0 go for a walk and the connection grows as he tells her he’s just moved to LA.

At the party, Omid talks to Asa and Reza about GG and tries to smooth things over so that she can be included in future events. He says that she’s sorry, but Asa says that in four weeks (since the fight) GG hasn’t tried to contact her once.  In the end the party was a huge success and everyone had a wonderful time.

The next day MJ goes over to Reza’s house to have a deeper conversation about the fight.  Reza tells her that his one and only problem with MJ is that she sided with GG after the horrible things that GG said about him.  He felt that MJ should have stood up for him like he would have for her. MJ apologizes to Reza for what she did to him and he accepts her apology.  He tells her that nothing will ever get between their bond and they hug it out.

Were you happy to see Reza and MJ make up?  Are you disappointed to see GG being cast out of the group or do you think it’s something that needed to happen to help GG move in a more positive direction? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “Shahs of Sunset”.

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