‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 5 review: Kenya faces the truth about Walter

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 CastThis week on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 5, NeNe meets up with Kenya with the intention of getting to know her better. Nene tries to talk to her about the fight she and Walter’s had about marriage in Anguilla and Kenya defends herself by saying that Walter has spoken to her about ring size in the past so she knows he’s thinking long term.  NeNe tells her that is she’s done with Walter that she has a man she wants to set her up with.

Phaedra sits down with Kenya to see what she has to bring to the table for her work out tape and she’s excited about what Kenya had to say.  Kenya on the other hand is annoyed that Phaedra isn’t better prepared for the meeting.  Kenya pushes that flirty envelope again with Apollo during the meeting, but Phaedra tries to push that aside so she can get to the meat of the meeting.  During the meeting Apollo an Phaedra began arguing about what they want the work out video to offer and Kenya is not impressed with how unprofessional the meeting is – much like someone coming to the meeting and flirting with their client’s husband.

While Cynthia and Peter are shopping Peter receives a message about Phaedra and Apollo.  Blogs are saying that they are headed towards a divorce, but Cynthia isn’t convinced that it’s true (which we now know is not true since the couple are expecting their second child together.)

Kenya meets up with Walter to find out what’s going on between them since they really haven’t spoken since Anguilla.  Kenya tells him that she felt blindsided by him and Walter said he felt the same.  She went on to say that he was being too aggressive with her during their fight and said that it was intimidating to her because of her past dealings with domestic abuse.  Kenya lays it all out on the table and says that she wants to be married within 6 months, and he says that he doesn’t know if he’ll be ready in 6 months. He tells her that he loves her, but not enough to go and get married today and Kenya is left broken-hearted.

Cynthia and Peter meet up with Apollo and Phaedra at the most amazing gentleman’s club on the planet in hopes to find out the truth about the rumors.   While Apollo says that he enjoys spending time out at clubs and feeling young, Phaedra says that she’s out-grown that lifestyle, but doesn’t mind that Apollo goes out.  Cynthia wonders is Phaedra is hiding something about her relationship with Apollo, but doesn’t press the issue further.

Later the group gets together at an event and Kenya shows up before Walter, but when Walter shows up he doesn’t go over to say hello to her, he just walks over to drink with the men.  When Kenya finds out that Walter has been there for ten minutes before saying hello to her she is really upset.  She gets up to leave, but Porsha stops her to try and clear the air.  Kenya isn’t interested in listening to her, perhaps the timing sucks because of what happened with Walter and she tells Porsha that she’ll be cordial to her, but that they won’t be friends.

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