iCarly season 2 premiere date: When will revival return to Paramount+?

iCarly season 1

Following today’s big finale for the iCarly revival, it of course makes sense to start wondering about a season 2. When could it air on Paramount+?

The first thing, of course, that we should examine is the news that the show will be back for more! The streaming service confirmed this many weeks ago, and it’s clear that Miranda Cosgrove and company are living up to at least some of the expectations put in front of them! Unfortunately, the streaming service doesn’t release numbers and with that in mind, we can only speculate on what the future holds.

We will at least say this: One of the best things that new iCarly did was try to evolve alongside its audience. This is not a kids’ show destined to air on Nickelodeon anymore, though we do think it still has a ways to go. We’d love to see more in the way of long-form stories here as opposed to ones that are tied together within a single episode. The show’s still trying to figure out its tone and that’s all right for a season 1 — things often take time when you’re bringing back a property after SO many years.

Our expectation is that iCarly season 2 does premiere at some point in 2022 and we’re expecting already a few more familiar faces from the original show to turn up. Paramount+ will continue to court longtime fans while trying to bring something new to the series, as well — precisely what they should do in other words.

Season 2 will be a huge test for the long-term future of the revival; a lot of shows that rely on nostalgia have a hard time sustaining themselves. Remember that the Punky Brewster revival was canceled after only one season, while Girl Meets World had a modest run of three seasons before saying goodbye.

What do you most want to see when it comes to iCarly season 2?

Beyond just that, when do you want to see the show premiere? Share right now in the attached comments! After you do that, stick around for all sorts of other news.

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