Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Could Tiffany help save Derek X.?

If you’ve been following along the Big Brother 23 live feeds as of late, then you probably know Derek X. is in huge trouble. He is currently on the block, after all, and for the time being it’s clear that he is Head of Household Sarah Beth’s target.

Is there a way to save him, though? That’s something that Tiffany is currently thinking long and hard about in the game.

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Earlier this afternoon, Tiffany made it clear to the camera that she was going to sit back, let some people make their arguments, and then come out with her pitch as to why Derek X. should stay. Let’s say hypothetically that Tiffany and Hannah each got on board with the idea — she’d only need two more. It’s unlikely that Kyland turns on Sarah Beth and we have a hard time thinking either Xavier or Alyssa would want to keep the person responsible for getting out Christian. The focus lies then on Azah and Derek F. in order to flip the game.

What arguments could Tiffany make? She could claim that Claire is out for the remaining Jokers, just to see if that gets anywhere; or, she could say that keeping Derek X. ensures that there’s a big target to go after someone like an Xavier or a Kyland down the road. He could do presumably their dirty work. We know that Derek F. in particular wants to keep a lot of men in the game, so she could even play up that angle.

Do we think this is going to work? Probably not, and mostly since Derek’s such a huge threat and him staying makes it less likely that Derek F. gets the final BB Bucks power. It also divides the Cookout early and there’s no guarantee you come back from that. We do think Tiffany’s being genuine with us, though: Even if America gave her 100 BB Bucks coming up, there’s no way she’d have enough to compete for the final power.

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Do you think there’s any hope for Derek X. on Big Brother 23 right now?

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