‘Breaking Bad’: Bryan Cranston’s favorite Christmas gift “perfect” for Walter White

Bryan CranstonBuying gifts at Christmas time is hard enough, but buying a gift for “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston has got to be a task that would have many of us ripping our hair out in fear – after all he is the danger.

If you have been watching “Breaking Bad” since season 1 (like we have) then you’ll know just how far Cranston’s character of Walter White has come  He started out cooking in his tighty whities in a broken down RV and ended up being the biggest cook in the state working in a high tech lab with anything and everything he could ever want. As much as we love the power hungry version of Walter White we can’t help but miss the chemistry teacher that would strip down to his underwear in the middle of the dessert to cook with his former student Jesse Pinkman.  So when we saw what Cranston’s favorite Christmas gift was this year we couldn’t help but smile and remember the old days of Walter White past.

Bryan Cranston giftCranston posted a picture of his favorite Christmas gift on his Twitter account along with a message saying that this was the “perfect gift” for Walter White.  He wrote: “My favorite present this year. Handerpants! The perfect gift for Walter White. (Thanks Chase) Merry Christmas everyone.”  Who doesn’t love underwear you can put on your hands?

“Breaking Bad” season 5 won’t be returning to AMC until July 2013, so we still have an excruciatingly long wait to find out how the series will finally end.  Will Walter’s cancer come back?  Will Jesse be able to walk away from the business without too much of a problem? And will Skyler ever forgive Walter for what he has done to the family?  All of these questions and more will be answered next summer, but until then be sure to check back for spoilers.

Photo: AMC, Bryan Cranston Twitter

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