‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Theo Rossi explains giving back to Sandy victims

Theo RossiEven though it has now been two months since Hurricane Sandy, the relief effort is still very much going strong to make sure that some of those affected on the East Coast will have an opportunity to move forward with their lives. While there have been plenty of celebrities to take part, one of the real champions thus far has been “Sons of Anarchy” star Theo Rossi, who has been working almost on the effort ever since the superstorm first struck his native Staten Island.

Rossi helped to set up the charity Staten Strong in order to help take care of many of these people on a ground level, and earlier this week he and his co-stars Kim Coates (Tig) and Ron Perlman (Clay) held a gala to raise even more money for the region. Hollywood.com was on the scene, and Rossi helped to explain just a little bit about what this organization is doing to directly help the people who need it the most:

“We just met somebody outside and gave them $1,000 in gift cards to Target … We’re helping families out, directly, at a street level. I don’t care what anybody else is doing, all I know is that this is the town I grew up in. Every time I walk around, nothing has been done. A lot of people didn’t want to accept help… people have a lot of pride. Now they’re realizing nobody is going to help them. That’s where we step in — at StatenStrong.com they can fill out forms and put in applications, and we have people there the next day. We’re trying to keep it as basic as possible, because we’re not that smart.”

Rossi, Coates, and Perlman will be back at work on “Sons of Anarchy” for season 6 at some point several months into 2013, and hopefully by that point they will have been able to do even more good for the region. In many ways, their actions are helping to prove the old adage true, that sometimes the toughest-looking guys are the ones with the biggest hearts.

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