Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Is Derek X. in big trouble?

Derek Xiao - Big BrotherIf you are to take a panoramic look at Big Brother 23 right now, we’d describe it like this: The Cookout spending their days circling who to take out next while everyone else sits around unaware.

This week, it’s clear that Britini is going to be evicted — she may not fully understand it yet but she will in a matter of time. She’s still going to campaign, but she’s made it clear already that she won’t campaign hard versus Derek F. — nothing that she says will matter all that much anyway.

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So what happens once Britini goes? There’s a real debate over who will be the next big target. We’ve gone over in the past how badly Tiffany wants Sarah Beth out of the game, largely because she knows how close she is to Kyland and this is a move to weaken his power in the game. Meanwhile, this morning Xavier spoke with Kyland about his interest in getting Derek X. out sooner rather than later. Not only is he a good competitor, but if he stays long enough he could get the ability to flip the house courtesy of the BB Bucks twist. Him being popular could come back to bite him.

For the record, though, Derek isn’t the only person people are looking at when it comes to the BB Bucks twist. Alyssa is also being looked at as a target by Hannah — who, of course, won’t go after Derek X. since she has no real reason to do so.

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Who do you think will be the next target on Big Brother 23 with Britini out of the game?

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