Why did Jesse Metcalfe leaving Chesapeake Shores, role of Trace?

Chesapeake ShoresWhy did Jesse Metcalfe leave Chesapeake Shoresand his role of Trace early on in season 5? If you are watching the show tonight, it makes sense to wonder this very thing. How about we do our best to answer that within this article!

The first thing that is worth noting here is that actor departures from major TV shows are often not linear, and there can be a number of different reasons why they go down. Sometimes, it can be contractual issues; at other points, it’s an actor seemingly wanting to move on to do some other things.

What makes the departure of Trace all the more intriguing is merely the timing of it all. We learned this past week that Metcalfe’s departure was very last-minute, and that the actor made the decision while preparing for the start of season 5. It was his choice to leave, and it may be one that was creatively and career-based. He was thankfully still willing to come back to tie up his story, which you will see over the first couple of episodes this season. At some point, though, he will be gone for good and that will put the Abby character in particular in a very different place in her life. She will suddenly find herself in a spot where she has to focus on some other things, and we’ll see a lot of that play out over time here.

As for Jesse Metcalfe’s future, we imagine that this will become a little clearer over the course of the next few months. We’re that there are some other scripted gigs that he will be able to find, and the door is always going to be open for him to return here in some capacity. It just comes down to his interest and then also finding the right story.

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