Dexter season 9: Michael C. Hall on early ‘New Blood’ reactions

Dexter New Blood, season 9From most of what we’ve seen so far, much of the internet is excited about Dexter season 9 being revived in the form of Dexter: New Blood. If you were nervous about this in advance, let’s just say that we would totally understand.

There’s no real point in sugarcoating anything for the time being: The Dexter season 8 finale was awful. It’s widely regarded as one of the worst series finales of all time, and it would be fair to think that viewers would not want to give this world another chance.

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Personally, we think that there are two reasons why the initial buzz to Dexter: New Blood has been fairly positive. First and foremost, Hall’s known for a while that people hated the finale, and it’s hard to imagine he’d come back to only make it worse. Meanwhile, original showrunner Clyde Phillips is also back — he wasn’t around for the later seasons of the show.

In a new interview with Forbes, Hall shared his thoughts on early reactions to the show — and by and large, he’s been pleasantly surprised about the support:

I’m gratified, thankful, and relieved? No doubt the way it concluded, if you can even use that word, at the end of the season proper was a way that was, at best, confounding to people. The fact that sense of being confounded didn’t completely sour people to the idea of finding out what the hell happens to the guy was something I’m very grateful for.

Be prepared for the new Dexter to launch on Showtime this November — and of course, we will have more news every step of the way.

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