‘Homeland’ season 3 debate: How much of Jess and the kids do we need?

HomelandIf “Homeland” season 2 marked the end of Nicholas Brody as we knew him, then what are we supposed to do with some of the people that were a major part of his life? Moving forward to the start of the season 3 writing process, this is certainly a question that is on the mid of the show’s staff.

In a sense, we are sure that executive producer Alex Gansa feels as though he is at a crossroads specifically when it comes to one character who is some ways seemingly has little place in the show anymore: Jess. Morena Baccarin is a fantastic actor, and it would make some sense to want to find a new way to utilize the character moving forward. However, how can she be a part of anything now? Brody is gone seemingly to Canada, and she and her kids have been led to believe via the infamous video message that Damian Lewis’ character was the traitor behind bombing the CIA.

If Gansa wants to keep Jess around, there are only a number of possible situations that we can think of.

1. A source of sympathy and PR – Although Saul (who is now running the CIA) knows full well that Brody was probably not the mole responsible for blowing up Walden’s funeral, they may still need to “keep up appearances.” Jess could be suddenly seen as a public figure for information, and a woman who is the subject of great sympathy across America, regardless of whether or not she wants to be seen that way.

2. A reminder – If Gansa plans on having Brody return back to the United States eventually, we may just have small glimpses of his family from time to time throughout the season to remind us they are still around, and to show just how his actions have changed their lives this time.

3. A surprising ally – Before Dana saw the video, she was firmly in the camp that her father was not behind the attack. Could she still feel that way, and play a role in trying to prove his innocence? It would be interesting to watch a young lady famous for railing against her father be one of the few people suddenly at his side.

As for the case to not use the Brody for the time being, the argument is simple: there’s not much use for them at the moment with most of the characters seemingly getting ready to go overseas, so why waste our time even if Baccarin is fantastic?

What do you think: should the family next season be regular players in the story, recurring stars, or be absent altogether? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can check out our recent debate over the infamous “mole” over here.

Photo: Showtime

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