Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Week 6 nominations (day 38)

Big Brother 23The week 6 nominations have already transpired within the Big Brother 23 house — do you want to get a sense of what’s happening?

The past twelve or so hours in the house have been messy: Very messy. Kyland won Head of Household, though ideally he would’ve rather handed it to Tiffany. He had to figure out what to do and at first, it looked like he was going to target Britini or Alyssa. That didn’t happen. Instead, his nominations for now are Claire and Derek F., with Claire serving as the intended target for the week.

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So what is going to happen from here? That’s a great question. Claire is smart enough to recognize that she’s the target for the week since Derek F. probably isn’t a threat to anyone. She just needs to figure out how to win the Power of Veto if at all possible — it’s either that or she gets one of the High Roller’s Room powers a little bit later in the day.

Another interesting threat to monitor here is how the Jokers handle these nominations. Derek F. seems to be reasonably okay for now, save for putting on a performance for Britini to make her think that he’s the target (thus protecting the Cookout). There is a concern among them, though, that Britini could be a replacement nominee — and that’s very well possible if Claire wins! It’s either going to be her or Alyssa who goes up and presumably, out of the game.

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