Big Brother 23: What is the High Roller’s Room twist, America’s vote?

Big Brother 23Entering tonight’s Big Brother 23 episode, we were of course curious about the eviction, but even more so the new twist — the High Roller’s Room. The only thing that Julie Chen said last week was that America was going to have a say in some shape or form with it. At the start of the episode tonight, we learned the name.

So is this going to be something that impacts the game in a hugely dramatic way? We’ll be discussing that tonight as the episode progresses.

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Personally, we do enjoy here and there these twists where America votes, but there needs to be an element of care put into it. You can’t give someone too much power and make the game unfair. However, you don’t want to make the vote for something useless, either.

More details about the high roller’s room

Inside the high roller’s room are casino games and exclusive powers — think a second Veto, an ability to remove yourself from the block, or to change the game altogether (maybe overthrow an HoH? This one is more vague). Currency in the form of BB bucks will be handed down by America, and all of this feels kind of complicated.

Here’s the easy summary: Vote for your favorite to get money. The more money they have, the more chances they have to win a power. They still can choose what power they want and if they want to play them. This twist is going to be in place over the next few weeks, so it’s not going away soon. People will need to be strategic when it comes to how to save and use their money. The voting for BB bucks this season is being done by text! Maybe that makes things easier for CBS…

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What do you think about this new Big Brother 23 twist, the High Roller’s Room?

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