Yellowstone season 4 premiere date: How 1883, Tim McGraw factor in

Yellowstone season 3There are a few different topics we’re eager to hit in this particular Yellowstone season 4 update, but let’s start with a chat about programming decisions.

Just a good 24 hours ago, it was confirmed that Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill have all agreed to sign on for the 1883 prequel series at Paramount+. This news is exciting, and you can even see McGraw talk more about it in the video below!

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After hearing this casting news, it’s all the more clear why the Paramount Network wanted to wait until later this fall to premiere Yellowstone season 4, and it has to do very much with potential cross-promotions.

Think of it this way: If season 4 was airing this summer, there wouldn’t be a good chance to promote 1883 to the show’s loyal audience. Filming just started on the prequel and with that, there’d be no time to get together a trailer. Since it’s airing a little later, though, Yellowstone can include all sorts of previews and trailers for the prequel during their commercial breaks, better ensuring that the new show is a hit. (That goes along with all of the other reasons for season 4 to be delayed, including avoiding Olympic competition and taking advantage of NFL cross-promotion.)

We do think that delaying Yellowstone season 4 is the best thing for the spin-off, especially since there are so many familiar faces like McGraw and Hill at the top of the cast who can be used often in some of the previews. The only challenge that Paramount/ViacomCBS still face is convincing consumers to pay for Paramount+. That’s the big issue a lot of fans have based on some of the early replies to the aforementioned casting news.

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