‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 ‘spoilers’: More goodness from Dean Norris

Dean NorrisIn between the hilarity of Aaron Paul and the random (if rare) comments from Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad” has long been one of the best shows to keep track of on Twitter. Somehow, though, the recent arrival of Dean Norris (otherwise known as Hank) has pushed things over the top when it comes to providing an equal mix of fun and some actual behind-the-scenes insight into the show.

For example, we have the picture (which was posted just before the start of the holidays) that is probably pretty self-explanatory when it comes to what is going on. Nonetheless, we felt like sharing the official commentary from Norris anyway:

“Cute AND creepy.Real baby Holly playing with fake baby Holly”

Dean NorrisNext, we have the following “spoiler” from Norris that is really not much of a spoiler at all (hence it being in quotes in the title). However, what it happens to be is absolutely hilarious to those of you who still have your jaws on the floor following the show’s midseason finale in July:

“Ep 2 still on the can. I get deliberate pacing and all but geez it’s getting ripe in here”

In reality, here’s all we really know about the remainder of “Breaking Bad” season 5: Hank is going to be to some extent on the trail of Walter White now that he has the connection between him and Heisenberg, but he still has the difficult road ahead of trying to reconcile the friendship that he has with his brother-in-law, and being a man of the law. Oh, and Aaron Paul fans need not worry: Jesse is going to have plenty to do in the new season.

Has Norris’ arrival on Twitter in your mind somehow made the “Breaking Bad” fandom even more awesome? If you want to find out what the title is for the first episode of the show’s final eight on AMC, you can do so by visiting the story here.

Photo: AMC

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