Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Week 4 nominations (day 24)

Christian Big BrotherThe week 4 nominations are in from the Big Brother 23 house, and it feels like the stage is set for what should be an interesting week!

As is often the case these days, we had a pretty clear sense of who some of the nominations were going to be prior to the ceremony even happening. In this case, though, there was still drama in terms of who the actual target would end up being.

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Here’s what we can say for now: Head of Household Christian has chosen to put up Hannah and Whitney, with the idea being that he’s not angering multiple teams and these are not people he is super-close to. This move shows loyalty to the Royal Flush alliance, as well.

Where things get complicated is with the Cookout. There are thirteen people in the house and with that, ten people are voting this week. Technically, the Cookout could create a tie to save Hannah immediately, but Christian would then break that tie and she would go home. This alliance needs at least one more vote to save Hannah, and they have to find a way to get it without exposing numbers. Luckily, they do have Derek X. and we don’t imagine him EVER voting Hannah out. So by all accounts, she’s going to be safe this week and Whitney will go. The only ways this wouldn’t happen is A) if the Cookout betrays her or B) if the Cookout decides they’re better off hiding their alliance and getting rid of her. (There’s another wrinkle here — the wildcard competition have have caused the winner to lose their vote.)

Ultimately, the Power of Veto Competition is still set to happen — we’ll see what happens there!

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