‘Homeland’ season 3 debate: Who is the mole?

Damian LewisWho is the mole? Usually when we ask the question mentioned both here and in the article’s title, we are referring to one of the most-underrated reality shows of all time in “The Mole,” which (for those curious) still has a life of its own going on in Australia years after its American debut.

When it comes to the question this time around, however, we are referring to a show that is near and dear to the hearts of many at this given moment: Showtime’s “Homeland.” We know that there has to be a traitor somewhere who knew enough about Nicholas Brody to not only plant a bomb in his car, but anticipate just where he would be so that it would be detonated … but who was it? This is a difficult question with an even more difficult answer, but we are going to try and narrow it down to just a small handful of possibilities.

1. Brody himself – Is this many really still working with a terrorist sect in secret? While he seemed to be genuinely surprised during the finale that someone had moved his car (and he would have had no reason to mention it otherwise, except maybe to cover himself since he would have never parked so close), he also acted as though he was ready to move on with his life without Brody around.

2. A martyr in the CIA – There’s no guarantee that we even know who the mole is, and it could have been someone even at the agency who saw where Brody parked his car, moved it, and planted the bomb.

3. Quinn – This one seems incredibly unlikely, given that Quinn would have never went through the effort he did to try and kill Brody (before having his change of heart) had he actually wanted to let him live long enough to see the place explode.

4. Saul – Sure, it was “convenient” that he was overseeing Nazir’s burial at sea, but this appears to be strictly coincidental.

5. Jess or Mike – Wouldn’t this be the twist to end all twists? Actually, it would be more of the equivalent of the show jumping not only over a shark, but a killer whale.

6. Some random Nazir operative – As much fun as it may be to speculate over who the mole might be who set Brody up, the most likely scenario here is that the mole is really just a follower of Nazir’s who kept tabs on where Brody was and struck. The real villain here was still Nazir, even if he was dead at the time. He knew that Brody would have been at Walden’s funeral, and thus the opportunity was prime for him to plan such a terrible event.

What do you think about this whole mystery, and do you think the show is even set it up for it to matter who actually moved the car? Hopefully, we’ll have some more answers here when the show returns in the fall.

If you want to know just when we are set to find out even more information on “Homeland” season 3, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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