‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 debate: Will Elena, Bonnie, someone else go evil?

The Vampire Diaries CastWhile there is clearly much better writing and special effects here, there is almost a part of “The Vampire Diaries” that reminds us of professional wrestling. How so? You begin with characters who are clearly defined as heroes and villains, and then over time the lines start to blur a little bit. You have heroes who start to do some bad things, and sooner or later you find yourself booing them for their actions. Meanwhile, there are also at times villains who turn out to have redeeming qualities, and you almost want to root for them even though it is against your better judgment to do so (take Klaus as an example of this).

So what are we going to be seeing when the show returns with new episodes on January 17? There are clearly some characters who are showing off some evil undertones, and it brings us to this question: are there any heroes who we are about to start seeing fight for the other team? We’ve put together some of the top contenders, and also some reasons why they may or may not be down for wrecking a little bit of havoc in the near future.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) – In some ways she’s the most obvious choice. She already has killed a man in Connor, and being sired by Damon means that he could be under his influence; considering that Ian Somerhalder’s character is not exactly the nicest guy ever, any “orders” he gives out on purpose or not could manifest into something very dark within her.

Bonnie (Kat Graham) – Bonnie has been teetering towards darkness for some time, and it may actually be a good thing for her to do actually get a long-term storyline like this after long being one of the show’s underutilized character. She has a motivation to go after vampires, and her ex in Jeremy is already a hunter.

Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) – With that, we turn to a man who is somehow sympathetic despite already trying to kill Elena and multiple occasions. Had we not seen the Alaric storyline last season, we would say that Jeremy is the most-likely candidate to turn evil. Since that has happened, however, we have a feeling that Jer will turn out to still be a good guy.

Caroline (Candice Accola) – This is at the moment our favorite of the candidates  Klaus is clearly into her, and she and him working together could be a formidable team. Plus, we know already that Rebekah is not the full-fledged sidekick that Joseph Morgan’s character probably wishes that she was…

Tyler (Michael Trevino) – We seriously doubt a man who just had his mother murdered will ever be looked at as a villain. That’s all we have on this one.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) – Stefan has already gone through a transformation to evil, and then one back to good. Could he yo-yo again? Damon taking Elena away is the perfect motivation, and considering how iffy his storyline has been since losing her, he is our pick at the moment for the character most likely to embrace darkness before season 4 is wrapped.

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