Yellowstone season 4: Is there any path forward for Jamie and his family?

Jamie DuttonYellowstone season 4 could be described as a series of mysteries. First, there’s the question of who survived the cliffhanger. After that, though, there’s the question of who did it. Was Jamie Dutton actually responsible for potentially killing off his whole, adoptive family?

While we think that the writers want us to consider this idea, we still have our fair share of doubts. It would thrust the Jamie character past the point of no return, though when you consider what he’s done already (think murder) he may already be there.

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Provided that Jamie didn’t try to kill Beth, John, or Kayce, the question then becomes this: Is there any way he could reintegrate himself into the rest of his family? It’s not going to be easy. The Duttons are a stubborn bunch, and they would need to know that they can really trust him. It could take something like him turning things around and actually helping him thwart Market Equities — basically, he’d have to realize that things are better back with the family who raised him. In turn, he’d also need to be treated a little better by some people at the ranch — there is a part of this that is more or less a two-way street.

We know that the Duttons can be reasonably forgiving when it comes to the past — let’s not sit here and pretend that they are innocent of any sort of crimes from the past. This is a flawed show with imperfect people; we don’t know if we can ever forgive Jamie as a character, but we’re different than someone else who exists within the world of this show. Seeing Jamie somehow slide his way back into his family’s life could be an interesting story development in season 4; it’d at least keep things good and messy, and allow Yellowstone to further exist in a gray area. We know that this is largely where they like to live.

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