‘Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen’ review: Did Bart ever stand a chance?

Top Chef: SeattleFor those of you who want to make an argument that returning players are bad for TV and for fairness, you may want to look at what is currently going on in the context of “Top Chef” as evidence. This season started with 18 chefs, and it included fifteen new chefs and three returning. When it comes to chefs that are for sure fighting to stay alive in the competition (excluding the chefs that America is voting to save), we now have seven new chefs and the three returning contestants. While CJ is in “Last Chance Kitchen,” he is winning almost on a weekly basis now … and therefore, he is still guaranteed a chance to win this competition based on his own cooking ability.

Following the elimination of Bart on Wednesday night’s new episode, it was really pretty clear just who this battle was going to go to. CJ left the competition thanks to a cruel twist and a bad decision on his and Tyler’s part; meanwhile, Bart left the competition thanks to consistently underseasoning his food. His confidence was therefore rattled, and it was clear that he had a cooking style that differed from what Tom Colicchio is looking for in a winner.

With that in mind, CJ won this challenge (which was all about making the perfect dish using chicken breast), and now has a chance yet again at making his way back onto the show. Sooner or later, it’s almost inevitable that he will be facing another returning chef soon. Josie has struggled at times all season long, and while Stefan has been solid (and not to mention thoroughly entertaining), the two favorites to win this competition from our perspective are Kristen and Brooke.

How long do you think CJ’s winning streak is going to last? If you want to read our full review about Bart’s elimination, you can do so over here.

Photo: Bravo

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