Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: The Detectives + the new Brent plan

Big Brother 23We know that this is going to be an enormous shock to a lot of people out there but last night in the Big Brother 23 house, another alliance formed!

Of course, the irony this time around is that it’s an alliance that is within a larger one. Meet the Detectives: Kyland, Tiffany, Derek X., and Claire. This is basically the Royal Flush alliance without any of the people from the Kings — which is probably the point. The Kings are the strongest of any of the teams at this point and as of right now, it feels like they need to lose a number of even things out.

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Is that going to happen anytime soon? That’s where things get tricky. Whitney (another part of the Aces) could be the target after Brent, and we don’t think that she did herself any favors last night in suggesting to Kyland that she’d want Sarah Beth gone before jury. Sarah Beth is one of his closest allies, though he and Tiffany in particular have SO many bonds throughout the house. Kyland has a final two with both her and Sarah Beth, and that’s without mentioning his role in both the Cookout and the Royal Flush. He and Tiffany are playing great games, but also balancing a lot.

As for Brent, some people out there may be alarmed that Alyssa told him this morning that he’s in some trouble — but that she controls some votes and he will be fine. This was a plan hashed-out last night by the Royal Flush to ensure that he still trusts someone in the game. If everyone acts like he’s 100% safe all week, there’s very little chance he’s going to believe that. (Brent’s still going to be evicted; make no mistake of that.)

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